Are You Sick of NJ Politicians Out of Touch with Their Constituents? Vote for This Guy: Paul Dilks


“New Jersey needs a leader, not a boss.”

House of Representatives incumbent, Donald Norcross (D-NJ), representing New Jersey’s 1st congressional district in the House, is being challenged. New Jersey’s 1st congressional district seat has been occupied by Democrats since 1975. Norcross, not a very devout Democrat, has manipulated his seat in ways that fool his constituents, and many of those who vote, or even check his name on the ballot, don’t know who he really is. Chances are, he gets his votes because he’s an incumbent, which isn’t rare. 90 percent of House members who sought re-election in 2012 were re-elected, and it’s time to change that here in the 1st congressional district of New Jersey. It’s time to vote for someone who will stand by their word, by the word of the New Jersey people, and will not be sucked into the toxic politics of America; his name is Paul Dilks.

Dilks is a New Jersey native, a Gloucester City-raised boy with a blue-collar work ethic. You’ve probably heard him as a radio personality on The Big Talker 1210, WNJC 1360, WWDB 860, and 920 The Voice. One big bonus of Dilks that we don’t see in a lot of Republican politicians is that he values the arts, and is willing to implement them more into NJ’s society. Dilks knows the value of serving his community, putting in over 200 hours of service each year. He believes that there is nothing better than to give back to a community that his given so much to him.

What can really turn voters on to Dilks is his awareness of what it’s like to live in New Jersey, and to live in the shoes of someone facing the countless repercussions of congressional action that affect everyday New Jerseyans:

“Hope and optimism for the future is waning as stagnant growth and opportunities have turned into despair for many individuals looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. The current political environment is making matters worse as incumbents look to protect their own interests while many working families struggle in South Jersey — many living paycheck to paycheck without any optimism for the future… South Jersey deserves a leader, not a boss,” said Dilks.

One of Paul Dilks’ main concerns is economic growth and development in New Jersey. With Governor Phil Murphy (D-NJ) pushing to implement socialist policy — including, but not limited to: free college tuition, high taxes, $15 minimum wage hike, etc. — New Jersey needs Dilks’ economic mindset. Dilks knows that government intervention could be detrimental to the economic status of a town, city, or state, and his blue-collar work ethic is one that will influence him to favor a perspective that is geared towards taking burdens off of small business and corporations, because he knows that it is these people who employ those suffering right now; and the only way to spur some kind of economic growth and development is to allow these businesses the freedom to profit, which in-turn allows their employees to profit. One point that Dilks makes is NJ’s close proximity to D.C, New York, and Philadelphia, and how there are no excuses for poor economic development.

Dilks’ agenda, posted on his Facebook page, focuses on: economic development, education, health, community service & being based in faith, and immigration reform. An agenda like this is something Norcross has avoided, and will continue to avoid as long as he has a comfy seat in the House. Murphy will slowly take down the New Jersey economy, allow criminals to infiltrate the borders, and take the reigns of what he calls “inclusive capitalism.”

We cannot stand for this. Paul Dilks will not stand for this; he will stand for you, the American people who have been constantly ignored, constantly tossed out of the loop of what is going on in the world, taken advantage of, and used as a tool for incumbents like Donald Norcross to sit in their seat for another term that is secured by hundred thousands of dollars that candidate Paul Dilks cannot raise without your help.

If you want someone who will listen, comprehend, act, and “dredge the sludge” in Washington, then vote Paul Dilks on November 6th, 2018.

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